Arts and Culture

Expanding access to diverse, inclusive, and high-quality arts and culture experiences.

Large group of dancers performing with Philadanco!

The arts enrich people’s lives. Through our Arts and Culture Program, we are working to provide more opportunities for people to take part in diverse and inclusive arts and culture experiences, particularly ones that are designed intentionally for them.  These creative connections can enhance communities and neighborhoods, including those historically shut out of these experiences.

We want to support your ideas – including hands-on learning and art-making for children, performances and exhibitions that inspire and connect people, and more. We are interested in your projects that intentionally include communities and strengthen knowledge and networks that generate relevant, equitable, and inclusive programs and invite public/private funding opportunities for the sector. We also provide operating support to arts and culture organizations that are central to Philadelphia's civic and community life.

Two men and a woman on stage looking at their wrist watches with mugs in the air

Program Objectives

Do your programs and services advance our Arts and Culture objectives? Learn about the outcomes we are working toward and related funding opportunities.

Support artistically exceptional arts and culture organizations centering racial equity and economic inclusion to reinforce and deepen their commitment and continue strengthening connections to community.

Person with big curly hair performing in the foreground of the Beardmobile with a man on the keyboard in the background. Photo Credit: 10th Floor

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