Environment and Public Space

Protecting and improving natural areas and community spaces.

Emerald Street Community Farm
Photo by Rob Cardillo for Neighborhood Gardens Trust

Environmental assets and environmental burdens significantly affect the quality of life for the residents and communities of Greater Philadelphia – especially for those residents and communities that have experienced decades of discrimination and disinvestment.

The Environment and Public Space program invests to help communities reduce harmful impacts to their natural environments, improve the quality of their natural and community spaces, and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

We want to help propel solutions that will reduce illegal dumping and stem the flow of untreated sewage into waterways. We want to help expand access to safe, well-maintained, and well-programmed parks, trails, gardens, libraries, and recreation centers. We want to help communities develop and implement plans to flourish, despite the impacts that climate change will bring such as extreme heat, increased precipitation, and sea level rise.

Pelbano Recreation Center

Program Objectives

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