Profile headshot of Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clarke

Program Director
Environment and Public Space

Stuart Clarke oversees the Environment and Public Space program, which encompasses a $40 million annual grantmaking budget. He manages grantmaking related to advancing our Environmental Burden Index and Climate Resilience Plans objectives.

Before his time at the Foundation, Stuart served as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies. Prior to that, he served for 15 years as the Executive Director of the privately endowed Town Creek Foundation, which supported environmental advocacy work in the Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay. His experience includes national environmental grantmaking at the Turner Foundation and serving as Executive Director of Outward Bound Atlanta. Stuart currently serves as Board Chair of Earthjustice, Board Chair of the Energy Foundation, and Board Treasurer of the Blue Mountain Center. 

Stuart is a graduate of Lafayette College and undertook PhD studies at Yale University. Outside of work, he likes to curate playlists for select group of melomaniacs.

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