A corporation composed of Haas family members governs the William Penn Foundation, along with a board that includes both family members and public directors selected for their professional and civic expertise.

Members of the Corporation

Katherine H. Christiano, Vice Chair
David Haas
Leonard Haas
Peter Haas, Chair
Sarah Haas
Thomas Haas

Janet Haas, M.D., Associate Member
John Hanrahan, Associate Member


Board of Directors

Allison Acevedo
Lorena Ahumada
Katherine H. Christiano, Chair
Andrew Haas
Janet Haas, M.D.
Peter Haas, Vice Chair
Sarah Haas, Secretary
Thomas Haas
John Hanrahan
Marcel Pratt
Robert Victor
Suzanne Welsh

Catherine Haas, Associate Dir.
Nick Haas, Associate Dir.
Dorothy Hanrahan, Associate Dir.