Profile headshot of Jazmine da Costa

Jazmine da Costa

Program Officer
Environment and Public Space

Jazmine da Costa manages grantmaking under the Environment and Public Space program related to advancing our investment in parks, improvement of public spaces, and urban gardens objectives.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Jazmine was an early-stage impact investor, with several regional and national funds. She served as a senior associate at JFFLabs, where she invested in early-stage technology companies that help adults with low-to-middle incomes find, secure, and prepare for jobs that lead to economic advancement. Before joining JFFLabs, Jazmine served as a senior analyst at SustainVC, a venture capital firm that manages impact investing funds. Jazmine’s focus at SustainVC was sourcing and managing investments focused on climate, sustainability, and equity. In addition to her focus on equity, economic development, and the environment, Jazmine brings a rich background in consulting for social enterprises and local governments. Jazmine is on the board of the Disability Opportunity Fund.

Jazmine is a graduate of the Yale School of Management and the Yale School of the Environment. She holds an MBA and Masters of Forestry, with a focus on real estate and natural areas land management. She earned her undergraduate degree in anthropology from Princeton. Outside of work, Jazmine is a member of the LGBTQIA+ Philadelphia Freedom Band and enjoys backpacking, meditation, and making people laugh. 

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