Cross-Program Funding

The Foundation maintains an interest in projects that stretch across our priorities and align with more than one program area (Creative Communities, Great Learning, Watershed Protection). Cross-program projects represent opportunities to share thinking across sectors, address multiple goals within a single project, and learn from new approaches.

Cross-program projects must show clear alignment with the goals and approaches of at least two program areas and will be competitive for funding based on alignment with Foundation priorities, potential impact, and budget availability. 


Funding outside of strategic priorities

The Foundation is continually testing new ideas and pushing the boundaries of our thinking. Within that context, we have created an internal approach that allows the current strategic priorities, set in 2013, to evolve as contexts change, new information and opportunities become available, and we learn from our grantmaking. To this end, as part of an ongoing process of learning and exploration, the Foundation will offer a number of grants designed to explore new, but related areas of work.  

Additionally, we may make grants to support transformation, make possible exceptional civic opportunities, or advance philanthropy in the Philadelphia region.