• The mission and goals of the William Penn Foundation rely on the expertise, commitment, and hard work of our grantees. We are able to do our work, only because of yours.

    William Penn Foundation
  • This is an important civic moment for our city and state. Just five months from now, Pennsylvanians will have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to be included in the 2020 Census....

    William Penn Foundation
  • Author: Amanda Charles

    As the school day ends at Carnell Elementary School, a dedicated group of volunteers makes its way into the building. Some are not much older than 14, and others are retirees...

    Great Learning
  • Author: Michele Perch

    Yasiria Lugo is a high school senior who grew up in Camden, N.J. Most of this city is sandwiched between two rivers: the Delaware River, and one of its tributaries, the Cooper...

    Watershed Protection


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