Reflections on a Decade of Childcare Quality Improvement

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Reflections on a Decade of Childcare Quality Improvement

Learning from Success By 6

With a commitment to increasing child care quality, United Way launched the Success By 6® (SB6) school readiness program in 2007 to help child care centers improve their quality level in the Keystone STARS four-STAR system. To meet the needs of centers in the community, SB6 has targeted services at Keystone STAR 2 centers, helping those that intend to improve quality for the children and families they serve. Once a center achieves STAR 3 or 4, SB6 provides ongoing resources to help maintain changes and seek continued improvements. This dual focus on promoting initial center quality improvements and sustaining quality over time is unique nationally; quality improvement programs typically focus on initial improvements without addressing the challenges of maintaining improvements after participation ends.

As a community-based program aimed at promoting and sustaining quality in child care centers, SB6 provides insights and lessons that can be applied to existing quality improvement initiatives locally, statewide, and nationally. This paper describes the history and components of SB6 and synthesizes the results of recent evaluation findings to highlight successes and challenges. Key themes and quotes from recent interviews with the SB6 management team, program participants, and technical assistance consultants help situate the evaluation results within the program’s current context.

Published: April 2018
Maggie Kane, Claire Lowe, Kathryn Tout, Mallory Warner-Richter
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