Quality Talks Session 1: VIDEO

Background on state and local level progress in early childhood education

Sharon Easterling explains why this is the time for change in early childhood education.

Presentation of research study by the Nonprofit Finance Fund

Kristine Alvarez presents the findings and recommendations from the research study.

National expert details finance challenges of early childhood education across the U.S.

Louise Stoney comments on four national trends in early childhood education funding.

Louise Stoney explains how shared services models can help alleviate financial challenges.

New OCDEL Deputy Secretary discusses Pennsylvania’s plans to support access to quality

Michelle Figlar describes the state’s actions to address financial barriers.

Michelle Figlar comments on how alignment between Child Care Information Services and Quality Rating and Improvement Systems can address financing.

How one early childhood education provider addresses financial challenges

Otis Bollock shares how Diversified Community Services creates financial efficiencies with available resources.

Otis Bollock comments on how Diversified Community Services maintains high quality programming in spite of workforce challenges.