VIDEO: Engaging Families: Clear Communication for Student Success

In April 2018, we brought together national and local experts to discuss best practices for communication between schools/childcare centers and the parents and caregivers of students. We heard from Learning Heroes, a national research organization and parent resource, about how parents feel about their children’s education and about how to talk with parents about their role in students’ learning. 

Five Philadelphia experts discussed their work to promote effective communication between caregivers and schools/childcare centers on a panel moderated by Jenny Bogoni of Read By 4th.

From left to right in the panel discussion video are:
Temwa Wright, a parent and School Advisory Council leader
Jenna Monley, Executive Director of the School District of Philadelphia's Office of Family and Community Engagement
Joanna LaCorte, Quality Advisor at Montgomery Early Learning Centers
Katie Barghaus, Executive Director at Penn Child Research Center
Heseung Song, President/CEO of Mighty Engine
Jenny Bogoni, Executive Director, Read By 4th



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