Grandfamilies/Kinship Support: Funding Opportunity

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Grandfamilies/Kinship Support: Funding Opportunity

Posted: Monday, February 14, 2022
Source: William Penn Foundation

We are pleased to invite letters of inquiry for three-year projects to enhance organizations' ability to serve grandfamilies/kinship care families in Philadelphia. In 2020, Generations United, with support from the William Penn Foundation, conducted the Grandfamilies of Philadelphia study to help service providers, educators, policymakers, funders, and other community members to understand better the composition of grandfamilies in Philadelphia, the availability of services for them, and the degree to which they are aware of and able to access helpful services. This Request for Inquiries (RFI) is an outgrowth of this recent study. It has informed the Foundation's efforts to increase the ability of Philadelphia-based agencies to help grandfamilies support their children's early learning and development. Research shows that when grandfamilies receive the support they need, children raised by grandparents or other relatives thrive despite the multiple challenges.

Please click here to review the Request for Inquiries, including background, objectives, criteria, eligibility, budget, and timeline.

An information session was held on Zoom on Tuesday, February 22. The recording can be viewed here, and the slides, questions and answers shared during the recording can be read here.

Please find a Word document here containing the Inquiry form questions. Complete this form and email it to by March 7, 2022 to apply. A team will review all Inquiry Forms and invite selected applicants to submit a full proposal.