Data clarity in K-12 education more important than ever

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Data clarity in K-12 education more important than ever

Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Source: Education Dive

Communities across the country have serious questions about how their students were affected by the rapid transition to distance learning wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. How many attended online classes? How much did they really learn through virtual instruction? How far behind might they be in September?

Thoughtful data collection and analysis will be needed to give comprehensive answers and help define the path forward. As school reopening plans are developed and refined, district leaders will rely on available data to inform decisions about instructional modifications, grade promotion, allocation of resources and more. Principals, teachers, families and students will also be trying to make sense of the available information to shape their decisions.

The instability caused by COVID-19 raises new questions about what is most important to measure, how to collect accurate information, and the best ways to support people to use that information. But many of the fundamental challenges of effectively using and clearly communicating data are unchanged.

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