Through our Constituency Building strategy, we support work that builds an active regional constituency for watershed protection. Our funding is expanding public access to and use of increasingly clean waterways for experiential learning and recreation. This includes a particular emphasis on building a culturally and racially diverse base of support for the watershed. Grants were awarded to: 

  • Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to support a successful transition to a new Executive Director who will provide strong leadership for the organization and the Circuit Trails Coalition. ($50,000 over 12 months)
  • Camden Community Partnership for planning, design, construction, and activation of riverfront trails and parks in the City of Camden. ($1,161,348 over 36 months)
  • Greater Philadelphia YMCA to build a diverse constituency for watershed protection through cycling and watershed education programs for youth and their families in the City of Camden. ($300,000 over 24 months)
  • New Jersey Natural Lands Trust for environmental education and outdoor recreation programming on Petty’s Island and engagement with residents of adjacent communities, especially the City of Camden. ($109,000 over 24 months)


For any questions about the above grants, please email Michele Perch



Through our Targeted Sub-Watersheds strategy, we support the Delaware River Watershed Initiative (DRWI), which protects and restores water quality in headwaters of eight carefully selected sub-watersheds in the Basin. In addition, we support work in the City of Philadelphia addressing stormwater pollution through green, nature-based solutions which drive multiple benefits related to people, planet, and profit. Grants were awarded to:

  • Clean Water Fund – Pennsylvania for technical assistance to help community-based organizations in disadvantaged communities in Philadelphia secure federal water infrastructure funding for implementation of nature-based stormwater management. ($109,250 over 12 months)
  • Fund for the School District of Philadelphia to assess the potential of select School District of Philadelphia schools to manage stormwater and maximize greening through schoolyard and campus retrofits. ($110,000 over 12 months).
  • Multiplier to provide support for DRWI grantees to attend Conservation Finance Network Boot Camp and Roundtables and planning for a training program specifically tailored for the Delaware River Basin to advance grantee capacity. ($80,000 over 24 months)


For any questions about the above grant, please email Nathan Boon



Through our Watershed-Wide strategy we work toward robust regulatory protections for fishable, swimmable waterways and sustained public and private funding for watershed protection. Our funding addresses these goals by supporting a combination of research, media, and advocacy. We connect data with policy and public outreach efforts to benefit clean water. Grants were awarded to:

  • Environmental Leadership Program to increase capacity of a diverse group of leaders in the environmental and conservation sector within the Delaware River watershed through training programs and a professional development network for alumni. ($178,400 over 12 months)
  • Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Inc. for technical assistance to increase adoption of nature-based stormwater management by private and public decision-makers in priority communities in the Pennsylvania portion of the Delaware River basin. ($110,000 over 24 months)


For any questions about the above grants, please email Nathan Boon