Meet Cedric: One of 23 Alliance for Watershed Education Fellows


Meet Cedric: One of 23 Alliance for Watershed Education Fellows


"No matter what your perception is on environmental science or policy, this is our planet, and this is something that you want to be able to share with your kids' kids. So protecting the environment and keeping the species that are around us alive for future generations is something that everyone should fight for." -Cedric Lary


Meet Cedric Lary. Cedric, who's a rising junior at Swarthmore College, spent the summer as an environmental fellow at the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association in Pennington, New Jersey. His fellowship was through the newly launched Alliance for Watershed Education (AWE). Each center involved in the AWE hosted a summer fellow to manage community outreach and programs, with an emphasis on communities that have previously been underrepresented at the center, providing them with opportunities to enjoy and care for their local river or stream.  

Today, he and the 22 other AWE fellows are presenting their fellowship capstone projects at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. While each fellow's project is unique, collectively they were able to increase awareness of and support for clean water in the Delaware River watershed through community outreach and education. We visited the center at Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed to chat with Cedric about his experience as an AWE fellow. Check out the video below to learn what he's been up to this summer.




About the Alliance for Watershed Education

The Alliance for Watershed Education is a regional initiative of twenty-three partnering environmental education centers. Each of these centers is located along Circuit Trails, or major connecting trails, and on waterways throughout the Delaware River watershed in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Through aligned communications, joint programming, and shared professional development, the centers aim to build their capacity and increase their impact. The Alliance shares a mission to provide education and recreational opportunities that inspire personal conservation action, improve water quality, strengthen community ties, and increase access to trails and waterways in the Delaware River watershed. To learn more, visit


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