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(EVENT DETAILS) National Voices, Local Efforts: Lessons Learned About Universal Pre-K
DATE: Wednesday, May 25, 8:30-2:30 p.m.   Webcast Link:
Creative Communities
Foundations to converge on Phila.
Deep pockets will be in Philadelphia next week.
Great Learning
This is what a high-quality preschool looks like
As the preschoolers made their way from the carpet to the five stations across the classroom, a buzz pulsed through the room at Chinatown Learning...
Great Learning
Early-Ed. Measures Percolate at State, Local Levels
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has a sweet idea to boost early-childhood education in his cash-strapped city.
Great Learning
Kenney's pre-K plan gets $15 million boost
The William Penn Foundation will commit a one-time, $15 million grant to improve and expand quality pre-K facilities in Philadelphia.
Great Learning
Early Childhood Education Is Also Moving in Philly, With Some Funding Muscle
In the past few years, early childhood education has landed squarely on the national agenda.